Q:  What are Rachel's Overnight Oats?
A:  Rachel's Overnight Oats superfood cereals are made with quality ingredients including: hemp, chia and flax.  Rachel's Overnight Oats can be prepared by simply soaking for 10 minutes to overnight in liquid including: water, nut milk, seed milk or dairy. 

Q:  How long do they take prepare?
A:  Despite the name our line of Overnight Oats absorb within 10 minutes.  Many of our customers prepare their meals the night before so they can grab and go in the morning!

Q:  Can you prepare Overnight Oats warm?
A:  Absolutely!  Many of our customers prefer their Overnight Oats heated and consumed shortly after heating.  As the packaged directions suggest we recommend 2-4 minutes depending on the temperature of your microwave or oven.

Q:  How are Rachel's Overnight Oats different than traditional oatmeal?
A:  Rachel's Overnight Oats were created for BOTH cold and warm preparation.  All of Rachel's Overnight Oats include superfoods such as hemp, chia and flax providing additional protein and fiber in each serving.

Q:  The preparation instructions call for nut milk. Can I use regular dairy milk?
A:  Yes, you can used dairy milk, nut milk or seed milk! 

Q:  Do you offer international shipping?

A:  Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time. Please check back at a later date.

Q:  Are all flavors of Rachel's Overnight Oats Gluten Free?
A:  Yes, all of our overnight oats are gluten free.

Q:  Your ingredients are all labeled "Organic" but I don't see the USDA Certification logo. Why?

A:  While all the ingredients Rachel's Brand sources are in fact certified organic, Rachel's products are currently undergoing the organic certification process and therefore cannot include the USDA Organic logo at this time. We appreciate your patience while strive for this certification.