Why Rachel's Overnight Oats?

Posted by Rachel Gabriel on

Rachel's Overnight Oats are much more than just oatmeal that you soak overnight. Each flavor is a unique combination of superfoods including chia seed, hemp seed and flaxseed meal.

Rachel created these recipes for a number of reasons: first and foremost, she wanted an easy to make breakfast that has nutritional value minus the sugar or other preservatives that compromise the quality and healthiness of a product. There are SO many oat products out there that are loaded with sugar.

Secondly, Rachel's Overnight Oats were designed to be a ready made mix that is easy to make for those of you who love to make overnight oats and for those of you who want to learn how to make overnight oats. Rachel's Overnight Oats have been crafted to save you the time consuming task of buying multiple ingredients and measuring every single one of them time and time again. Not to mention, all of the ingredients in Rachel's Overnight Oats are organic (non gmo), gluten free and vegan! The Rachel's Overnight Oat mixes are also great for those of you who have never really learned about overnight oats and want to try! They really are for everyone!

We live in a world where convenience is everything. We are all short on time. Rachel's Overnight Oats can be prepared in many ways...as overnight oats, as traditional porridge -like oatmeal, made into cookies, muffins, granola and more!!! Stay tuned for more recipes on the blog!!

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