Healthy Oats Cake

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Recipe for Healthy oats cake by Rama: 
1.In a pan, add Rachel's Overnight Oats and roast them on medium flame for few minutes.  Next, grind them in a grinder and take out.  Place in a bowl and add boiling water - let stand for 20 min.
2.In a Food Processor, add raw almonds and dates (chopped) until combined together.  Add a teaspoon of water if needed.
3.In a large bowl, add chopped almonds & dates, chia seeds, dragon fruit juice, coconut flour, the roasted soaked oats and almond extract. 
4. Mix well, and  now take a heart shape cookie cutter and put the mixture in the fridge to help hold its shape.  Put coconut whipped cream on top and garnish with rose petals and your favorite fruits. Enjoy!

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